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View a few of our client projects and case studies. We work to put into action the strategic plan by expanding your operating campaigns or widening accounts on different channels. Make sure to contact us if you would like more information regarding any of the cases cited or a quotation for your project. contact us

Hicham Riba Dental

Dr. Hicham Riba has been practicing dental care since 1989 and has received the Award of Excellence in Designing and Developing E-courses at the Gulf Cooperation Council Universities. Team Webtech Digital Services is pleased to assist them and looks forward to partnering with them in the years ahead

Ibrahim Dossary (IMDT)

Ibrahim Mohammad Dossary Trading Establishment (IMDT) is based in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the goal of delivering top-notch items and facilities to the Middle eastern economy. It helps in integrating and streamlining commerce to assist its clients to expand and prosper, and thus, has made a contribution significantly over time.


ALLPA WIRA DMCC is one of the world's best and rapidly rising precious metal refineries in Dubai, UAE, with futuristic equipment that allows them to provide high-tech performance to their services. Suppliers, brokers, retail outlets, financial firms, and others are among their clients. Webtech Digital Services is delighted to serve ALLPA WIRA DMCC and looks forward to collaborating together to deliver sustainable success.


Alqada is a worldwide legal industry brand well-known for providing impactful solutions to all of your legal concerns, particularly debt collection. At Alqada, the client comes first, and all services are delivered with special diligence. Webtech Digital Services developed a strategic plan for Alqada while keeping its values in mind.


EyPie is the UAE's top optical and prescription eyewear company, offering an extensive variety of prescription glasses and optical care across the board via a diverse selection of the latest optical products and centers. This includes, among other things, the sale of superior vision-care products, trendy eyewear, and bifocal frames, and prescribed and fashionable contact lenses.

Aliftrades LLC

Aliftrades is a pioneering brand of International Beauty products, accessories, and Name Brand. It has enhanced its leadership stance in the market over the years through promotional strategies, solid collaborations, and a strong standard of principles, all of which are backed up by a fully skilled team, a dependable supply chain, and competent service.

Al-Mohtarif Translations

Al-Mohtarif Translations is the finest accredited legal, top-tier translation company in the UAE. With years of translation experience in Dubai, they provide their clientele with the highest quality language localization amenities in the market. They have a global channel of linguists and consultants in numerous domains, and their team can provide translations in over 150 regional dialects.

Trace Consult

Trace Consult is dedicated to offering consultation and training solutions to businesses in the Middle East. Highly trained in competence-based identification, progression, evaluation, and certification operations for both technical and non-technical roles across all sectors. Its professional staff includes Trainers, Advisers, Technical Authors, Competency Evaluators, and Internal Validators, who use their industry experience to accentuate user experience.


USI Freight Solutions was founded in Saudi Arabia in 2008 in partnership with an associate in the United States, with the goal of exploring the corporate opportunities available in the Saudi Arabian economy. The USI Freight Solutions Team is comprised of industry veterans who excel at delivering end-to-end logistical support and services. They were able to connect with a wider network of audiences and open up their customer base with the help of the Webtech Digital Services Digital team.

PDF Converter Software

Webtech Digital Services presents a broad range of PDF Converter platforms that make it simple to use your PDFs. Only with a few clicks, you can combine, repurpose, separate, flip, condense, unlock, and watermark Pdf files.

Billing Software

Webtech Digital Services provides a full invoicing solution for your company, including stockpile, revenues, purchase register, inventory levels, Sales taxes, bar - code, Text messages, and emails. From maintaining receipts to emailing payment alerts, all of the functionalities required to oversee your accounting are supported.

Real Estate Software

Our Real Estate System is in an exceptional position to yield the most sophisticated real estate concepts from the canvas into the economy, as well as bridge the divide between buyers and realty organizations through digitalization and innovation.

School Management Software

The full integrated management software offered by Webtech Digital Services School Management contains everything your establishment will ever require to maintain its operational processes and record keeping. It also offers an immersive platform that all administrators and managers can use to effectively oversee their backend requirements.

Clinic Management Software

Webtech Digital Services offers a versatile Clinic Management Software Solution that includes a subject supervisor who tracks demographic and pharmacological information. This software can also handle all actions from hiring and profiling trial applicants, to organizing and documenting their appointments.

Office Automation Software

Webtech Digital Services offers an integrated Office Automation system that allows users to manage the company's workload, allocate appropriate work activities to the staff members, generate performance reports, and focus on ensuring resource visibility and project security.

Employee Management Software

Webtech Digital Services Employee Management system provides the required proficiency with attributes designed to make staff members' daily tasks easier to complete from anywhere at any period and to organize all of the individual personal records in one structured and safeguard HR database server.

E-Learning Web Application

Empower faculty members with an adjustable, open-source Learning Management System, a vast number of educational experiences all over the world, devised to provide schools and teachers, administrators, and pupils with a single reliable, protected, and coherent system to create customized learning environments.

MR Reporting Software

This application is built to be the most innovative and best in class for the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. It is a customized and consumer-friendly CRM that helps to oversee and grow the sales force's production efficiency while also monitoring all doctors, operations, and business contact information.

Inventory Plus Software

Webtech Digital Services provides a comprehensive inventory solution for your company that digitizes different facets of stock and warehouse management, optimizing the functions needed to monitor inventory, operate reordering, and refresh financial information. It can simplify stock control by monitoring incoming and outgoing items, whether you are a seller, producer, or warehouser.

Digital Library Web Application

Our Digital Library Software is by far the most advanced way for you to display your publications and enable clients to view a book on their smartphones, tablets, and E-readers, among other devices. As a result, many texts are now available in Electronic form.

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Teaming up with Webtech Digital Services expedites your company's operations by bringing in new revenue streams and increasing foreign operations. At Webtech Digital Services we tend to believe in walking at a pace with the growing technology which is however we tend to deliver results on the far side of expectations. We tend to make use of the most recent code and technology platforms to develop high-end and technically advanced solutions. All thanks to our partners for believing in our ideas and endeavors.

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